Extremity MRI Express was founded by the owners of Extremity Imaging

Partners ("EIP"). EIP currently owns and operates 12 free standing

extremity MRI centers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kansas.

In response to changing health insurance trends and a need for

extremity specific MRI services, EIP decided to launch a "cash only"

extremity MRI center. Referring physicians and patients can choose

Extremity MRI Express without concerns about strict authorization

requirements, network participation or varying reimbursement amounts.

Extremity MRI Express has chosen not to participate with any health

insurance plans, including Medicare. Since we do not participate with

health insurance, we can scan everybody at an incredibly affordable

price of $295 per scan. We can scan insured, under-insured and

un-insured patients ALL at this reduced rate.

About Us
Excellence in Extremity MRI is Now Affordable
* We do not participate with any health insurance plans and do not bill insurance or produce health insurance billing forms.

Payment in full is made at the time of service using cash, credit/debit card, money order or a cashier's check.

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All Rights Reserved.
Extremity MRI Express is another high quality extremity MRI service brought to you by Extremity Imaging Partners.
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Extremity MRI Express
4500 Brooktree Road
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Wexford, PA 15090
Extremity MRI
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The Area's Only Extremity MRI Center
$295 per MRI scan
including a specialty radiologist's interpretation and report
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We can scan everybody.

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All at the same price.

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